Koyasan Area Bus & Express Bus

This page introduces frequently asked questions about the Nankai Rinkan Bus.

Where is the ATM in Koyasan?
A post office and bank can be found near Senjuin-bashi East bus stop.
Are there any locations offering Wi-Fi service?
Wi-Fi is available from the temple lodge union office in front of Koyasan Station. (Various other locations have also been set up by temple lodges.) For more information, please contact the Shukubo Association.
Shukubo Association ? Phone: 0736-56-2616
How much does it cost to ride the bus?
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What ages do child fares apply to?
Junior high school student and older Adult fare
Elementary school student Child fare (Half of adult fare, rounded up to the next 10 yen)
Young child (1 year or older, not yet in elementary school) First child is free of charge; child fare applies to any subsequent children. (Young children must be accompanied by an adult or child. Child fare applies to any child boarding on their own.)
Baby under 1 year old Free

e.g. When traveling a 210-yen distance with 1 adult, 1 two-year-old, and 1 five-year-old:
¥210 (1 adult) + Free (1 two-year-old) + ¥110 (1 five-year-old, half of adult fare rounded up to the next 10 yen) = ¥320
When should I pay the bus fare?
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Can you walk from Koyasan Station to the center of Koyasan?
The daimon (large front gate) is 3 kilometers on foot from Koyasan Station. However, the bus-only road cannot be used for walking. You will need to walk along general roadways.
Can I use an IC (electronic chip) card?
Yes, you can use an IC card in Hashimoto and Koyasan area.
What should I do if I don’t know how to get to a temple lodge or tourist facility?
Please contact the temple lodge union.
Shukubo Association ? Phone: 0736-56-2616
Can the World Heritage Koyasan One-Day Free Ticket be purchased at locations other than Koyasan Station?
The tickets are only available at Koyasan Station.
Can the World Heritage Koyasan One-Day Free Ticket be used up to 24 hours after purchasing?
No, the ticket is valid only for the day it is issued. The ticket cannot be used the following day.
The Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket is recommended for customers looking to use the ticket the following day.