Koyasan Area Bus & Express Bus
Information about the use of the IC card

IC card

Available IC cards

  • Suica「Welcome Suica」

Areas where it can be used

  • All lines for Hashimoto, Koyasan area (except for one part)

How to use

How to use

You can pay the transportation fees easily just by tapping the card reader when getting on and off the bus.
Not only it is convenient since there is no need for coins, but you can also have good discount.

Frequently asked questions

Can I charge my card my inside the bus ?
No. The fare box inside the bus is not compatible for charge, we are very sorry but please, use the charging machine at railway stations or such beforehand.
What happens if I have not enough balance on my card when I am in the bus ?
Please pay the difference by cash.
You cannot use another card to match the payment.
Are children’s transportation fees applied?
Yes. Please inform the driver before the fare adjustment if needed.
Is it possible to pay for several people with 1 card?
Yes. Please tell the driver how many people you are paying for before you make the payment.