Koyasan Area Bus & Express Bus

A Guide to Nankai Rinkan Bus

  • Be sure you have change before boarding.
  • \1,000, \500 and \100 can be changed, but \10,000, \5,000 and \2,000 cannot be changed.
  • Our drivers cannot speak English.
  • If you have any question, please enquire at the Nankai Rinkan Bus Customer Service Counter in Koyasan Station.
  • Board the bus from the rear doors and get off from the front doors.
  • Please refrain from using mobile phones on the bus.
Information about Banks(Change Machines),Wireless LAN, and Tourist Information Offices
This area map of Koyasan shows sightseeing destinations, places where bills can be changed, areas where wireless LAN is available, and the location of tourist information offices.